Demos are done at no charge to you and can be delivered via email, mail, or posted online for you to listen.

When a final version has been chosen, it will be produced, mixed, and mastered for on-air use and delivered upon payment.

Musical styles are not limited to the samples listed below. We'll work together to find and create what's best for your business.

Tip: Thinking of a song or jingle that you already know and like can be a good starting point and might save time during the demo process.

Some important factors in creating a successful jingle:

  • Style and Mood? What feeling do you want to convey to your audience?
  • Selling a product or an image? e.g. " cars in town..." vs. "...service you can count on..."
  • Is there a Slogan? What do you want people to remember the most about your business?
  • If it's for TV... will it fit well with the commercial's visiual concept?
  • There are no set rules... If it works, it works. As long as it's memorable!

:60 sec Jingle: $1000

  • :60 commercial
  • Donut, Sing In, Sing Out
  • :30 cut - In and Out mixes
  • Instrumental mix

:30 sec Jingle: $750

  • :30 commercial
  • Donut, Sing In, Sing Out
  • Instrumental mix

Music Bed: $500

  • custom song with :60, :30, :15 cuts
  • You may not always want a Donut, Sing in, and Sing out version. Whichever you need will be provided!
  • Re-Edits and Remixes are done free of charge. (e.g. changing volume or dropping part of a Donut)
  • Re-Recording (e.g. singing new lines or recording new instruments): $50
Floors By Ray
Chico City Council
Advantage Self Storage
Northern California Realty
Scoops Cafe
Corner Carpet Store
Bandito Burrito
Music Bed: Modern Rock
Music Bed: Jam Rock
Music Bed: Electronic Mellow Groove
Music Bed: Electronic Mellow Groove 2
Music Bed: Electronic Flash Site
Music Bed: Electronic Serious & Smooth
Music Bed: Electronic Happy Groove
Music Bed: Electronic Happy Groove 2